Tapping into the Mourning Moon’s Energy to Let Go

Mourning is not something anyone wants to do. Mourning means we have lost something. A loved one. A dream. An ideal. Mourning is painful.

Yet, mourning is absolutely necessary. If we avoid mourning when we experience a loss, we hurt ourselves far worse than we would if we would just go through the process. Some of us are experts at mourning avoidance. One way or another, though, the mourning we need to do is going to hurt us. We might as well get it over with in a healthy way.

In Wiccan tradition, November’s full moon is known as the Mourning Moon. As with all full moons, the energy of this time will stir up the stored energies within us. If there is something we need to let go of, the Mourning Moon will show it to us. We may receive signs in the forms of injuries, illnesses, conflicts, accidents, disappointments, opportunities, reminders of the past, oracle readings…whatever will get our attention. We do not want to carry old pains and fears into the new year, and the Mother wants to help us let go.

Before we may be reborn, we must be free of the stories and past selves that keep is tied to our old life. A good use of the Mourning Moon’s energy is to mourn and release the previous versions of yourself. Even in a single life, people live many lives. We were different people 10, five, two years, even 1 month ago. As we live these lives, we accumulate energetic baggage, because we do not mourn and release our old selves as they need to die. What you needed to do and how you needed to be then very likely does not work for you and your life now. And yet…you may still be doing things the old way. If that’s the case, you need to let go.

To let go, first we mourn. To mourn, we must allow ourselves to feel loss. When we grow into a new life, we lose our old one, and whether our old life was full of joy or grief, the loss is felt all the same. To grow into our fullness, we must accept our loss with our gain.

We may be totally unaware of how our old selves’ energies preventing us from living fully now. Either way, now is the time to invite them to resurface one last time. Like everyone, our old selves just want to be seen. They are still here with us because we continue to fight them, to shove them away into the darkness. Well, we’ve entered the season of darkness, and it’s time to learn what the darkness has to teach us. 

When we invite our old selves for one last visit, we must be prepared to receive them. They may show up immediately, but more likely they will make themselves known over the next several days. Beware of situations that bring them out in you. You asked for these events to happen. These are your opportunities to let go. You feel the impulse to turn to a person you used to be to tell you how to respond and behave in these familiar scenarios. But that person isn’t here anymore. That person passed away. You are here now, in this situation. 

You let go–you free yourself from emotional blockage and energetic baggage–by choosing to behave differently now.
As hard as it sounds, mourning is about moving forward. The Mourning Moon will move you. To make the most of its gift, be moved and move in kind. 


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